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This site, set up by translators, is for the use of all philanthropists, idealists and volunteers; translators who are starting out, continuing or re-starting, and of course anyone else with a desire to stand up and do something for others.

PerMondo is an initiative created and managed by the translation agency Mondo Agit. Our main task is to help not-for-profit organisations or initiatives by translating texts or websites free of charge.

If you belong to a non-profit organisation you can go directly to the Translation or Web Translation sections. However, before you do so, please read the short list
of Requirements before making use of these services.

Non-profit organisations

We welcome volunteers and wholeheartedly encourage you to work with us.

Becoming a volunteer translator also means to strive to help change and improve the world
in which we live.

Info for volunteers

Want to take a look at our work, both completed and in progress? Please go to our Completed Projects or Ongoing Projects section.

Ongoing Projects

Thanks to everyone’s contribution, the article section is ever growing.

We publish articles in many different languages and about many subjects, just choose wich ones you are interested in.

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